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tv   The Evening Edit  FOX Business  August 9, 2018 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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on so inspirational. this is a traffic way to keep them out of trouble. >> getting people in shape at the same time. that doesn't for us. evening at it starts now. >> the trump administration are putting the pressure on rogue nations around the world such as venezuela, iran and russia. u.s. ambassador to the un nikki haley calling out venezuela's leaders sang you niclas maduro, your socialism is to blame for the country's collapse. tonight we have the latest on the ground there. also, the scary drone assassination attempt for the pentagon now has a new plan to stop such attacks here. to the street protests and strikes ratcheting up, president trump sanctions on venezuela, including
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potentially. [inaudible] will their leader come to the table and make a deal before the midterm? we have the debate. and to russia, now reeling fo from new u.s. sanctions over the poisoning of a russian double agent and his daughter in england. russian stock is plunging on that news. we have the latest and russia's response. thank you for joining us thank you for watching. money, politics, we have the debate behind tomorrow's headlines for "the evening edit" starts right now. let's get a check of your money. the dow is down about 74 points, still holding fast at 25509. it's the dog days of summer and the dow is still coming in pretty strong. amazon hit a new record for the value of all stock up 8.7 trillion bucks since
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president trump was elected. fox news has an exclusive access to un ambassador nikki haley as she visits the colombian venezuelan border where 1 million venezuelans have crossed over. they are fleeing the socialist collapse in venezuela. they are seeking food and medicine and more. with me now is rich. >> live, this crisis is showing no sign of relenting as tens of thousands of venezuelans are crossing into columbia every day, specifically at the city of cougar where we were with the un ambassador nikki haley who was touring the area, touring relief efforts. the number of venezuelans cross the bridge into columbia and then they will stay in columbia, others will move on to other south american or central american countries and some will just come to columbia, come to the relief areas, get food and clean water, get the medicine and then returned to venezuela.
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a number of the folks who cross the bridge tell us they want to work, they want to be able to support themselves and their families, there just aren't those opportunities in venezuela. we spoke exclusively on television with nikki haley, she says there is going to be an additional $9 million in u.s. aid on top of what she said is $69 in u.s. aid to help this crisis and she is again calling for niclas maduro, the president of venezuela to step down. >> the international community have to understand we are giving 9 million more today but everyone needs to step up and be loud against maduro. >> the maduro regime persists. we talked to a number of venezuelans who say after an assassination attempt on niclas maduro this weekend, there was an even stronger crackdown in that country.
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there was very little freedom for demonstration and any type of public medication. there are being crackdowns in the country for quite some time and it's getting worse now that the regime looks to stay in place. back to you. >> great reporting, rich, great view. as you heard rich just reporting, venezuela is in collapse. it's one of the largest economic disasters and world history. prices soaring uncontrollably each day. inflation it predicted to hit $1 million this year. there's no food, water, power or medicine. even though they have the largest oil reserve. let's bring in former trump department senior advisor, it's great to see you. nikki haley directly blaming maduro and his socialism for the collapse. christian, lebron's say it's not socialism, it was the drop in oil prices.
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your take. >> this has been a slow moving train wreck. it's gain speed recently but since 1989 when they elected who go chavez, this is the consequence of socialism. oil is actually up a little bit. it's not at the all-time high but it is in it 70s. this country ought to be rich and isn't because of the government. >> it was due to oil than texas and canada would be in a state of collapse as well. maduro answered the trump administration sanctions not with reform but by printing money. we've got to listen to gubernatorial candidates and the unexciting who is saying the democrat party should go on full on social a spread let's listen. >> i am proud to be one of the small but growing number of candidates who identify as a democratic socialist. the establishment is terrified of that word. socialism. republicans are going to call a socialist matter what we do so we might as well give them the real thing. >> the real thing is having a military, your laughing. the real thing is having a
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military and an economy at the point of a gun so people in power can never be removed or voted out. that's what they're talking about their. >> cynthia nixon's advice to her democratic colleagues is basically as long as the nooses around your neck you might as well jump off the horse. venezuela is an example of why socialism doesn't work, actually worse than other military dictatorships so by all means i hope democrats take her advice, it will be disastrous for them because you don't have to go back to even history to explain why socialism doesn't work. it's right there for everyone to see. >> it's the first known alleged drone assassination attempt. watch this video from the drone attack on maduro. >> christian, here's the thing. anyone can buy that drone for $5000 and cook up explosive then you know what, the u.s. army is now developing, along
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with lockheed martin, microwave cannons to blast these assassination drones with the beam of radiation right out of the sky. what is your take on this? >> i think that we have that technology and are developing it, i don't think the venezuelans to print i think this assassination attempt might have been completely phony. he didn't look all that surprised when it happened. instead of moving him off the stage use these barricades, i think it was probably a false flag to generate support and come up with a reason to blame columbia and the united states which is what the venezuelans did. >> let's stay on the store and get to the bottom. to iran and north korea forging a stronger bond after president trump's pressure, iranian protestant strikes continue, threat of us civil war grows. citizens asking for a deal with president trump. iran says no to a trump summit. christian, will we see one before the midterms which is now 88 days away? north korea, russia, they had summits, that might be a better way for iran to avoid
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sanctions. >> i think if they were smart they would do it but they're so deeply invested in their own ideology they haven't adjusted for a new world. they're on their heels, no longer on the offensive, there on the defensive but this is still a radical islamic revolutionary regime and i don't think they can bring themselves to sit down with the president. >> there was a russia u.s., the president was heavily criticized, but look at this. new sanctions against russia for the poisoning of a spy and his daughter in england. russia is saying the sanctions are illegal and unfriendly. the reports are coming in that russia is so angry there now threatening to cut off the us-based program. your take. >> i think it's insane to do this to russia. they're not our friend, they are an adversary but we need to step back and ask if we want to sanction this country as much as north korea and iran. we want things from the russian and you have to sit down and talk to do that. i think trump is relying on
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brand paul and others because his own government is on autopilot making life easier for the russians but we seem not to have a clear policy and plan. >> thank you so much for coming on. we appreciate it. >> look at the story. mike pence calling for the pentagon to start a brand-new branch of the military by 2020. the air force wants a full on branch. in his speech to the defense department they warned that countries like iran, russia, china and north korea are pursuing ways to bring new weapons of war into space and that the u.s. must be ready. there is lots of news today in the market. the dow closed down 74 points. quarterly results came in, tribune media terminating a nearly $4 billion deal to be bought like sinclair. we have nicole with all of the stories on the floor of the big board let's get to nicole. >> earnings season is pretty good, clearly outpacing
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analyst estimates and news corporation just came in for the fiscal year. revenues jumping 29% and the book publishing area, that segment had a record quarter and digital real estate services, that segment had revenues grow 19%. viacom did report the numbers to the upside, the news is that they don't want an easy time selling off the family stakes in viacom and made that known. tribune media and the sinclair fallout, you have tribune, that whole merger is terminated and in fact suing sinclair for not making it so easy to have it approved and we did see the markets down and the nasdaq game. back to you. >> democrats and republicans, they poured a lot of money into the ohio special election, $8 million last count.
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democrats vote is slamming their own party leader for the problems they feel are coming in. nancy pelosi, is she still on the hot seat? we take that debate on part also tonight, anti- ice rhetoric is heating up. a man now under arrest for allegedly trying to hire a hitman to kill ice agents. he tweeted out on twitter all this offering $500. coming up the former immigrations and customs agent who says democrats care more about illegals than ice agents the first the man at the squalor mexican compound now linked to us isis compound and brought children to train them to commit mass school shootings spread this is on u.s. soil. they warned that week border policies cause this. the mastermind mohammed is former cia interrogator james mitchell and he joined me next.
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which could save you hundreds of dollars a year. plus, get $150 dollars when you bring in your own phone. its a new kind of network designed to save you money. click, call or visit a store today. information was shared to us indicating that there could possibly be weapons on the compound, they also had local information that the shooting was taking place at this compound. we also knew from surveillance there was a shooting on the left side of the property. >> the man arrested at a makeshift new mexico compound, this is on u.s. soil, he is linked to extremist muslim groups. newly released court documents accuse him of training children living at the compound and bringing in the children in order to train them to shoot guns to commit mass school shootings. eleven children were found living there, hungry and in squalor. he is the son of a
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controversial brooklyn man who was reportedly on a list of people who may be alleged as unindicted co-conspirators in the 1993 world trade center bomber. the sun was arrested in new mexico along with his brother-in-law and his wife and two sisters. my next guest in interrogator the mastermind and author of the book enhanced interrogation. he joined me now. it's great see you. what is your take on this arrest? >> i'm surprised there haven't been other arrests like this, to be candid. our system of justice, one of the things that disturbs me about this arrest is that it wasn't made because people were monitoring terrorist activity in the united states, is made because someone wanted to know what happened to their 3-year-old son that disappeared in the police found this compound. there could be other compounds
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like this out there. so it doesn't surprise me that isis and al qaeda would be arguing or would be targeting schools because of the reaction that we have when there's a school shooting. it's a very soft target, one of the softest targets we have, it causes a great deal of emotional pain, and this man's idea was to use children as a weapon and then discard them after this had happened. it's troubling. >> you have a lot of sources in law-enforcement and intelligence. is there evidence that other compounds like this exist in the u.s.? >> i wouldn't be surprised. i think it's something we have to rule out. it's something we have to be vigilant about. we have a lot of remote areas that are very difficult to monitor. this guide built a fort out of tires and discarded boxes and
5:18 pm
he armed himself, and it wasn't keep the ups man out. it was because he knew he was doing something wrong and feared that authorities would react. i think we need to be vigilant. i think this is just the harbinger of things calm, especially if we don't do a better job of protecting our borders and following up on our immigration laws. people who come to our country illegally should be redirected to the legal way to do that and not caught and released just to go out there and hope to come back two years later when they get a court date. i don't think about what this bill did, i'm saying our policies open the door for other compounds like this to be developed in the future and i think we need to be very vigilant. >> the prosecutors made all these allegations in court documents, they also found that for mothers of 11 malnourished children were living at the compound. child remains were also found on the property. believed to be his son.
5:19 pm
the remains are unidentified, we don't know this, he was heavily armed with an ar-15 rifle, 30 round magazines, for loaded pistols, he had one in his pocket when he was taken down. your take on that? >> again, i'm not surprised that he's armed. clearly this man was up to no good and he is probably, right now lawyer to with a court appointed attorney that we are paying for and trying to figure out some way to claim to be insane or some other way to ameliorate the guilt that he has. we should assume that all of these guys armed. >> so you're thinking is that everybody should have their hair on fire, we should be laid-back. >> now, i don't think that of all. >> you think we should be more attentive and more aggressive in finding these outfits. >> i think we should be more
5:20 pm
aggressive in finding them and more aggressive and monitoring them. i think the general public should run around with their hair on fire. i think what i'm saying is our law enforcement and intelligent agency should not be driven by political correctness to ignore signs of this sort of stuff. i think they should find where those children came from and follow it to ground and prosecute every one of those people as terror. >> you think there's too much political correctness in law-enforcement. >> yes. >> enhanced interrogation officer, thank you so much. it was great have you on. by his book, it's great see you. come back. >> thank you for having me. >> lockheed martin to the rescue. the contractor announcing its developing a special version of its large c-130 aircraft to battle california's biggest buyer in the state history. this is the monster fire in northern california. it is now bigger in san diego. lockheed is retrofitting the c-130 cargo plane to drop thousands of gallons of water
5:21 pm
and fire retardant at night. firefighters currently cannot fly nighttime fire drops. soon california will get the delivery of black hawk helicopters that can fly at night. also breaking news, tesla stock is moving higher, nearly two and half% after reports that the tesla board does plan to meet with advisors next week to ramp up talks about tesla going private. the board likely to ask you lawn must recuse himself from that process due to his controversial tweet the other day. moving on, as democrat anti- ice rhetoric keeps up, a man is now under arrest for trying to hire a hitman to kill ice agents for $500. coming up, the former immigration and customs agent says democrats care more about illegal lives than ice agents but we take that on.
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plus molly tibbetts is still missing. her father is now pleading with tech companies and social media companies to help track her down. we will stay on that story for you. my next guest so silicon valley should do more. he joins us next. stay there. a scratch so small you coulda fixed it with a pen. maybe you should take that pen and use it to sign up with a different insurance company. for drivers with accident forgiveness liberty mutual won't raise their rates because of their first accident. liberty mutual insurance. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty ♪
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>> she was 20 years old. she lived on those platforms. she was constantly on her phone. we really need all of that information. >> it's a mystery that is gripping the country. college sophomore mollie tibbetts still missing, lasting jogging in the small town of brooklyn iowa on july 18. that was her father robert tibbetts now pleading with tech companies to help his daughter is an avid runner. she wore a fit that. last known communication was a snapshot she sent her boyfriend. investigators have filed dozens of warrants for the
5:26 pm
iowa students social media accounts in the hopes that they will find her. take a check of a snapshot dock ended the day slightly in the green. let's bring in attorney and author of the upcoming book, kurtz lichter. >> mollie tibbetts is like a lot of students. she is a social media. she had electronic devices. can the family get that information? >> it looks like they're doing that and it looks like they're doing it the right way. that is going to get a warrant. our lives are all over these electronics. heck, i have mine right here. just within reach and it's very important that we not only use them to help people who are in danger like her, but also to protect privacy. that's why we have warrants and we had to show probable cause. here the probable cause is very clear and i hope these companies cooperate fully. >> the device is also used gps
5:27 pm
locators or geotech, but will, is it conceivable that the companies could pushback because they legally don't have to reveal that information, that these are her accounts and the family can't have access to them? >> will that's why we have warrants. warrants require a judge to sign off the probable cause has been demonstrated and, if those warrants are valid, they don't really have a choice. that's how we balance the right to be secure in our papers and possessions under the fourth amendment. it is a good system. a judge is obviously going to sign off on something like this. this is stuff that will be able to help find her, potentially, and it also balances her privacy interest. there are people, i'm not saying she is one of them, who don't want to be found and don't want this information out there. this is a good way to balance it and the companies need to cooperate once the warrant gets signed.
5:28 pm
>> what's really interesting is facebook is now being accused of hindering police in england. they were holding a murder suspects password to facebook. this includes the suspect was accused of murdering a teenager. the uk officials are sang there, you can get into that page, you are refusing to cooperate. there are now called by uk officials for a new law to force social media to disclose suspect passwords. facebook is trending down today. what is your take on the story. >> this is a different tradition than the united states. although ours descended from theirs, our protections are much greater. in england, and may very well be possible for the police to do what they want to do, even
5:29 pm
without a warrant. here in the united states, that information is available, and that information could be obtained through a warrant. >> kurt, remember that big fight, the san bernardino terrorists who shot up that christmas party along with his wife, that was a work of government issued iphone that back i was using. apple, even though the county in california said to apple, yes you can break into our workers iphone that we gave him, apple still wouldn't do it. silicon valley is going to push back about privacy issues, right? >> on passwords, yes, i think they will push back, and that something we will have to deal with and that's why we have courts and legislatures and that's why we have a constitution that sets up framework for how we balance those. liz, this is a whole new world. this isn't like when i was growing up, it's going to require taking a look at these things, but we still have to protect the principles of privacy and security in our
5:30 pm
papers in possession while also realizing that things have changed. >> it's great to see you. thank you so much for coming on. they hello to your dog. i hear all about him on social media. >> good to see you. let's get to the story. donald trump attorneys and special counsel robert muller still at an impasse over the interview with the president. we are bringing in harvard law professor allender to it. he's coming on to talk about it. but first anti- ice rhetoric keeps up. we have a story for you that you won't believe. a man now under arrest for allegedly trying to hire a hitman to kill ice agents for just $500. former immigration and customs agent will going to react after the break. stay there. pretty much the same. but while some push high commission investment products, fisher investments avoids them. some advisers have hidden and layered fees. fisher investments never does. and while some advisers are happy to earn commissions from you whether you do well or not, fisher investments fees are structured so we do better when you do better.
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>> now, there is a parallel track people who voice strong views about immigration debate, that is assault fine. i am sure vast majority of them don't want to see anyone come to harm, but we're doing here is making clear that there is a point at which rhetoric veers to irresponsible sometimes criminal act. >> talking about arrest of a massachusetts man in new york allegedly trying to hire a hit man. on kill i.c.e. agents for $500. we bring in david ward to
5:35 pm
discuss this disgraceful case. >> well, -- >> we're having technical difficulties with david, we were going to talk about how social media are made again law enforce. we'll wait for david to get his mic fixed. we'll work with david? can we get him? we'll still work with david award, issue we're dealing with threat again law enforcement are on the rise, now social media is used to threaten law enforcement. the concern is that i.c.e. agents put themselves at risk daily, the fear is that concern that dc is not on it but safety of our i.c.e. agents we have david ward back, your take on this case some.
5:36 pm
>> we're going down a slippery slope of anarchy in the country, there is a complete disavow am omentof law enforcement. now we have politicians calling for abolishment of ice, they are doing the job that congress -- mandated them to do, we have antifa, wanting to bring even more harm into the law enforcement. look at port landing, they took over the port land they took over the i.c.e. office in portland, set up a camp, and threatthreatened i.c.e. agents d personnel over a false narrative. i.c.e. had nothing to do with parents and children separated, they don't raise churches or schools, this is mantra they are
5:37 pm
throwing out -- the democrats are throwing out. liz: homeland security warned in june there was a publication of a database of personal information of more than 9,000 i.c.e. employees including their location, and their job history that was. we know that the anger about the border came after the president white house's zero policy along with jeff sessions about separating families at border, they are now being moved to be reunited. fall out is this personal information of the i.c.e. agents are now up there and they are subject to attacks, that is a concern. >> right? >> absolutely. they are concerned and they have to be wary at home because we have the knuckle heads, the anarchists, the antifa bunch who are out there threatening the i.c.e. agents that are doing
5:38 pm
their job. you have mayor of philadelphia wanting abolish am of i.c.e., and governor of new york saying the same, they are all yelling about abolishes i.c.e., that feeds into hatred that antifa and anarchists have against law enforcement in the force place. liz: homeland security telling i.c.e. workers keep your doors and windows at home locked. >> ye yes, you have to take precautions now because of what is happening. liz: a previously deported illegal immigrant from han during -- hon during aus allegedly raped a 5-year-old child after philadelphia authorities ignored an i.c.e. detainer and released him. dave this is a kind -- >> this is beyond words. here we have another prior deport, already been deported, back in the united states, in
5:39 pm
philadelphia. gets released by local authorities and goes out and rapes a 5-year-old kid, but democrats don't give a damn about our citizens and their health and welfare, a 5-year-old child. liz: the officials are saying blame i.c.e. a mic mix up with paperwork. >> i.c.e. had a war an warrant,y put a detainer on him, and it was philadelphia drop the ball. liz: they are a sanctuary city. david, a 5-year-old child, this is children that we're talking about much david ward thank you so much appreciate it. >> thank you have a great day. liz: and thank you for your service to the country, appreciate it. >> thank you. liz: to this story, democrats and republicans pouring 8
5:40 pm
million to ohio special elect, and a civil war brewing in democrat party, they are going after full bore nancy pelosi right now. we're talking on this story, donald trump's attorneys and special cou counsel robert muel. stay there. fact is, every insurance company hopes you drive safely. but allstate actually helps you drive safely... with drivewise. it lets you know when you go too fast... ...and brake too hard. with feedback to help you drive safer. giving you the power to actually lower your cost. unfortunately, it can't do anything about that. now that you know the truth... are you in good hands? where we're changing withs? contemporary make-overs.
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>> i've never been involved in an investigation on either side that is more illegitimate than this one, if it is not over by september we have a serious violation of justice department rules, we offered them an opportunity to do a form of questioning, he could say yes or no. liz: rudy guliani, the president's attorney, rudy guliani and special counsel robert mueller's team still on an impasse over a interview with president.
5:44 pm
president's legal team rejecting robert mueller's terms. today justice department reportedly spent over $17 million on mueller's russia probe. take it up with harvard law professor, author of hit book, the case against impeaching trump, allan. >> they give limb sample questions that don't race red flags, what do you think it that a good man. >> i think we have a conflict. guliani and his legal team who are experts are against president trump answering a single question, just one question, did you know about meeting in trump dower with your son, if honest leeannly, answer,
5:45 pm
there is a basis with charging him with perjury because cohen said he did know. i think is going on is that guliani, is making an offer to mueller to paraphrase, an offer that we cannot accept, he must refuse. in end trump people will honestly be able to say, our client wanted to testify but mueller did not accept a reasonable offer from his lawyers. so in the end, president trump will be able to say to american people, i wanted to testify but mueller refused the set conditions that were reason able. liz: what would you advise president. >> absolutely not to testify. i once said on television, i have 4 pieces of advice, don't tweet, don't fire, don't pardon and don't testify, he doesn't listen to ple me on tweeting, sr other 3, i would hope that he would listen to sage at vice
5:46 pm
from his own -- advise from his own lawyers. >> cnn had a legal analyst, you know dismissing trump collusion narrative, and reminding panel about hillary clinton and dnc . >> if information is a thing of value, what about information that came from russia nationals, to the clinton campaign and dnc through steel, that is a fair point. liz: fair point about steel dossier, and democratic involvement. >> this is a compelling point, absurd argument it would be a crime for trump campaign to accept information from russian sources would mean hypothetically, if hillary clinton were giving information by russia about donald trump, that would have destroyed his campaign, that the american public should be denied that information, or if the trump campaign were given information
5:47 pm
about hillary clinton. that would end her candidacy, american public would be denied that, what a core vie laig violf first amendment, it governed information give to know a campaign is as high level for amendment protected as information to "new york times" or washington post, this is a preposterous argument and people who make it should know better, why should liberals try turn cut our first amendment by saying you can prohibit transfer of information to a campaign. this outrage aus. liz: your take on 17 million estimated price tag for tax payers for the probe. >> i think this all could have been done through the existing u.s. attorney offices, cohen investigation is being done in the southern district of new york, others done by the u.s. attorneys offices in other parts of country, we did not need special counsel it could have been done with exist could u.s.
5:48 pm
attorney office, it would not only have saved money. if they end without indicting anyone that is not a news story, but special counsel after spending 17 million does not indict people, my god he as has failed there is san incentivey -- an incentive to indict, alan dershowitz thank you. >> next case, democrats and republicans pouring 8 million dollars to ohio special elect, democrats out spending republicans 3 to 1. but democrat slamming their party leaders, for problems, daily caller's reactings to the brewing democrat civil war, after the break stay there. zatis like united way, non-profits like the american red cross, and our nation's veterans.
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we knew helping our communities was important then. and we know it's even more important today. so we're stepping up to volunteer more and donate over a million dollars every day. so our communities can be even stronger. it's a new day at wells fargo. but it's a lot like our first day.
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>> democratic party better get off the couch, we have been losing the supreme court, and getting our butt kicked in washington. liz: democrat and republicans put 8 million to the ohio special elect, after democracy and republicans fight there. we have congress plan shawn malone in new york, slamming his own party's failure to mobilize the base, now nominee from richn is joining growing number to say she will not support a bid to make nancy pelosi speaker of the house again. >> will you vote for nancy pelosi? >> probably not. all i can tell you, she doesn't speak about the issues that are important to families of congressional district, they are
5:53 pm
prareor priority for me, they pt me here, i have to listen to them. liz: have, great to see you, vince. what does this mean for turn out in midterms in terms of voter base with people upset with nancy pelosi. >> right, democrats have a flaring black eye that continues to grow for them, it really, there is a massive rifle war in the party, in -- a civil war in party in end that could depress voter turn out, going to 2016, democrats think this infighting with bernie sanders and hillary clinton may have help lead to trump victory, now here it is again, happening democracy fight it out, and nancy pelosi deserves to be blamed quite a bit by her own party, she and president obama and democratic leadership that has been in
5:54 pm
washington for some time has overseen dramatic losses in democratic party, they are not hip to her right now. liz: on heads of moderate centrist democrat, that is nancy pelosi, and party leaders, and at the same time, the question is, are they strong enough to take on the democrat version of tea party. up and comers, socialists? we have alexandria ocasio-cortez, said she does not know who the party leader is. >> why are we're not incorporated cost of funeral ex presents oexpenses of those whod because they cannot afford access to healthcare, talk about cost of reduced profit because t because they have issues. >> wrong sound bite, that is her alexandria ocasio-cortez,
5:55 pm
doubling down on ineptitude talking about how funeral expenses would be lower under socialimp, which is ridiculous. we did have a sound bite that. >> i it makes no sense, she coud not get out what she thinks that nancy pelosi circumstanc is. >> that clip shows you that party is being taken by identity politics and socialism, as a result, nancy pelosi, if this possible has less of a place in her own party, the party she is fermented. this party can't have a rich old white person leading it, that not going to be that way for long. as a result, nants tha nancy pes watching as party slips away from her. liz: is she strong enough, and hoyer strong enough to push
5:56 pm
back. >> they are going try, the way they are trying is the tepid embraces of socialism, watch as she said, nancy pelosi been saying she wants to repeal president's tax law and raise taxes. that is her attempt at appealing to socialist component of the party. liz: bring back failed walter mondale kind of thinks. >> and dozens of democrats saying out loud, they will not support her as speak. liz: yo thank you so much we'll be right back after the break, stay there.
5:57 pm
.. the digital divide is splitting this country. we have parents who are trying to get their kids off of too much social media and computers, and then we have parents who would only hope their children have access.
5:58 pm
middle school is a really key transition point, right. the stakes start changing. students begin to really start thinking about their futures. what i like about verizon's approach is that it's not limited to just giving kids new tools, it's really about empowering educators to teach in different ways, and exposing kids to more active forms of learning. giving technology is not a total solution. teaching technology, now that is.
5:59 pm
liz: president trump calling for a space force to be established by 2020. anna shapiro taking it up with
6:00 pm
retired astronaut scott kelly. you will not want to miss that. it's a jam packed news hour. and thank you for watching. adam shapiro is here with making money. adam: i'm adam shapiro in for charles payne. mexican officials are in washington for a second day of talks with the u.s. trying to hammer out a new deal on nafta. this comes as the japanese officials are in town regarding the tariffs on vehicles. reporter: with nafta probably very close to a deal. with the japanese this is just sort of the beginning.

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